Danville Station
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Pool News 8/2020

All DST Owners:

As a follow-up to the email on 8/10, the Board has approved the following:

  1. August 17-20, 24-27—(Monday-Thursday) 7 am-2:45 pm and 7-8 pm-- One reservation slot will be open for use thru Omnify (same reservation system) Access the system via the website: https://getomnify.com. They also have an app, Ominfy Go. No guests at this time. You are allowed one slot per day On these days from 3 pm-7 pm the swim team has opened up a lane for owners. Follow the same process for reserving and enter at the start of your reservation and leave at the end. The coach will show you what lane to use.
  2. There will be no monitor (lack of staff) thus according to the County Order we can only allow members of the same household in the pool at one time.
  3. At the entry gate there will be a jug of hand sanitizer and a spray bottle with disinfectant in it. The disinfectant can be sprayed directly on any non-porous surface and left wet for 5 seconds. It does not need to be wiped away. We are asking all pool users to perform additional sanitization at the beginning and end of your pool shift to protect yourself and the next pool users.
  4. August- Weekends Friday-Sunday 11 am-8 pm all lanes (monitors present)
  5. Sept 1-30 Monday-Thursday--same as above. Friday-Sunday 11 am-8 pm all lanes (monitors present)

Feel free to call management at  925-830-4848 x12 if you have issues using the system. We ask that you respect this process for use of the pool which will continue to allow owners to use the pool.

Thanks for your support.

The Board of Directors